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We specialize in working with small to medium sized companies who don't have a on-site computer professional to take care of their computing needs.  We consider ourselves your one stop solution because of the wide range of services we provide.

We specialize in Microsoft products and networks since we feel they offer excellent networking solutions for smaller businesses.  You will also be in good hands with our Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.

We will explain to you what we recommend or what we are doing in terms that you will understand.  We've seen too many companies that try to dazzle you with techy terms and will just leave you more confused than you were.

Computer Support: We will recommend new computers for companies looking to expand and support your existing computers.

Network Design & Support: If you are looking to network your computers we can provide you with solutions.  If you have an existing network we can expand, upgrade and support what you already have.

Software: We can recommend an number of solutions to your software needs.  This would include operating systems, servers, productivity software and more.  We can also support the software you have if you are having problems or need installation.

Internet Connection: Everyone is on the Internet anymore.  We can get you and your network connected to the Internet in a number of ways depending on your needs.

Web Site Design: We can design a web site for your company that will fit your budget.  You'll have a corporate web site up in no time which can bring in more business to you.

Web Site Hosting: Every web site needs a home.  We can host your web site on our web server where you know it will be in good hands.

Company Email: If you have your web site hosted with us we can provide you with Internet Email.  This is what your email address would look like:


Domain Name Registration: What?  You don't have a domain name registered for your company?  You'd better get one before someone takes the one you want.  We can register your domain name for you.

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